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Mon, 20 Apr 2020

Adventure Motorcycles from Triumph

Why buy a Triumph Tiger 900 model, well Triumph say they are...
"The most capable, agile and dynamic middleweight adventure bikes available"

How can they make this claim, well apart from the tech, the engine, the chassis and the fact that they are lighter than the competition, there is also a great choice of models to suit your riding. See all the Triumph Adventure range here

Let's give you all the info on the Adventure bikes new 900cc engine.

The larger capacity new Euro 5 compliant 900cc triple engine brings improved performance to the Tiger 900.  A new firing order has been incorporated for a more engaged Tiger riding experience giving up to 9% more power across the rev range and a high overall peak power of 95PS @ 8,750 rpm, plus 10% more peak torque than the Tiger 800 predecessor. The Tiger 900’s new T-plane triple crank and new 1,3,2 firing order has improved the character, off-road feel and on road performance of the engine and gives a more aggressive and engaging T-plane triple soundtrack with a more distinctive triple bark.

Here's a video with the Triumph Tiger 900 GT features:

There’s also enhanced cooling performance from an all-new twin radiator set-up which improves air-flow management to reduce the ambient heat levels felt by the rider and reduce the volume of coolant.  For added convenience, the new Tiger 900 range has a more easily accessible air filter.

Here's a video on the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally features:

We could list all the great features here, but really what you need to do is get in the saddle and ride these amazing motorcycles.

Here's the list of models which you can click into for more details and to enquire or book a test ride.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro
Triumph Tiger 900 Rally
Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro
Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low
Triumph Tiger 900 GT
Triumph Tiger 900